Thursday, May 5, 2011

The CrystelleBoutique Website had a make-over.....

Ok, so I am really excited that the website is all new and improved!

It is a much better reflection of my personality.....

LOVE it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Melissa Potato Purse is Popular with Miss Idaho......!!!!

This just goes to show HOW wonderful this Melissa Handbag really is!
Miss Idaho 2010: Kylie Kofoed
Just LOVES her true blue
Genuine Famous
Melissa Style
Idaho Potato Sack 
Burlap Purse....
It looks good on her, doesn't it!
Thanks for sharing, Kylie!
You make a GREAT Idaho Potato spokeswoman!

We love you!

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I know I have at least one of the Melissa Handbags
  available in the Potato Boutique shop right now.
so snag it up....
before it's gone!
also the pattern...if you want to sew up your own...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nice Melissa Coffee Sack Handbag

The ever-popular Melissa Handbag pattern is so fun in so many different fabric combinations!

In this picture Barb sewed the Melissa using a burlap coffee sack.
Nice job Barb!  You did a marvelous job!!!!!

It's fun FUN fun!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Danaye Hobo Bag Pattern with Fringe Benefits!!!

The Danaye Pattern is now finished...

Life kept being busy
and getting in the way....

Just kidding.  Life is more important than sewing....

It is a fun pattern

With lots of attitude.

Hope you enjoy sewing it
as much as I do....!

Gotta love the fringe!!

See ya soon!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Aerika Pattern in Selvage Edge Style

The Aerika Pattern is so fun and versatile.


Haute Handbags put it on the cover of their Fall Winter 2010 issue.  

It looks kinda cute there!  {They did such a terrific job...!!!!}

You want to make one?
No problem!

Just contact me and I will be glad to email you the free Aerika Pattern in PDF file form.
Hope you hear from you soon!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Famous Crystelle Handbag Potato Sack Purse

Crystelle Handbags: Home of the famous PotatoPurse

Crystelle Boutique is the parent company of Crystelle Handbags

Fun Potato Bag Sewing Patterns and Genuine Potato Sacks are available at EtsyPotatoBoutique

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zebra - Burlap Handbag Pattern.....hmm, hmm cute!

I made another Melissa Handbag!
I love this easy to sew pattern. And the bag always turns out so fun and great.
Exciting! This bag WANTS to go out on the town!
This very bag and the pattern (and other bag sewing patterns) are available right now in the Potato Boutique....
See you there! Have a fantastically happy day!
The Melissa pattern is a creation of Crystelle Handbags
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Rosettes and More Potato Sack Bags

Good Morning!!!

This famous potato sack bag would look absolutely stunning on you! It is just fun with lots of personality with different prints and angles going all over the bag. It is available for purchase right now at the Etsy Boutique. Made out of true Idaho genuine potato sacks! You know you want it! Run on over there to grab it before someone else does!

Don't you just love those burlap rosettes....?????

If you would like to make your own version of the Famous Potato Purse Melissa handbag {and who wouldn't}, potato sacks and the Melissa Handbag Pattern are available right here
The Melissa pattern is a creation of Crystelle Handbags

Burlap Bag with Burlap Rosettes

Hi there, fellow potato sack lovers....

Making Burlap Rosettes is so much fun and not difficult at all!
I am so excited about them and want to add them to all my designs now.

In this picture they are added to the Melissa Handbag, which is such a practical and FUN handbag pattern.
It will be sold at a local fundraiser auction!

Happy Burlap Sewing!
:-) Crystelle
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The Melissa Handbag Pattern is available at the Etsy Boutique

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cute Burlap Flowers on Danaye Hobo Bag

No, I can't do it! {Throw away scraps of burlap potato sacks after cutting them up for a purse, that is.... :)}
So.... The only solution in my mind is.....
So think of SOMETHING TO DO with them. Thus these cute little poppies came to life!

Happy Day!

The bag itself is cute too, huh... {If I say so myself}

Crystelle Handbags has lotsa fun SO easy SEW patterns in her Potato Boutique. Check um out... :-)
The free instructions where you learn how to make your own fabric poppies out of burlap or other materials, are right here....

Happy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle

Ronda Handbag Pattern Idaho Potato Style

I HAD to make the famous Crystelle Handbags Ronda Handbag with the fun side-pockets and ties out of my favorite medium: a genuine potato sack!
I thought it turned out pretty cool. I really like the colors....
Check out the Rachel Handbag Pattern, and all of Crystelle Handbags' other SO easy SEW patterns. I promise, you'll like them! :D
Happy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle

Free Purse or Bag Sewing Pattern

I am excited to announce that Crystelle handbags has designed a new purse pattern that is not only extremely cute and practical, but also easy to sew, and {most of all... } FREE!!!!

Aerika Purse in Flip-Flop Print
All you need to do is sign up to receive a FREE eNewsletter from us and we will send you the Aerika Purse Pattern Absolutely FREE to your email address in easy to print PDF format.
Please follow this link, and your FREE Aerika Pattern will receive in you inbox shortly

Aerika Purse in Cow PrintAerika Purse in Cow Print Too
Like all of our Crystelle Handbags sewing patterns, the Aerika Pattern is easy to follow and has lots of pictures to help you every step of the way!

Lively Aerika Purse
Send us pictures of YOUR finished Aerika purse, and we will post it on our blog!
Enjoy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle

The Perfect Gift for Mothers Day

Mother's Day is coming up. I have already received some orders for purses for moms. And I need to make one for my own mother.... and mother -in-law!
Charming Linda Shoulder Bag
I better get busy! Time to go through my bag sewing patterns, then hit the sewing machine!
Happy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle

Purse pictured is the Linda Purse Pattern
CrystelleBoutique {aka CrystelleHandbags} has many fun and easy to sew patterns available on their Etsy site.....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Fun Bag Sewing Pattern in a Magazine!!!!

Oh What Fun It Is to.....

be in a magazine!

Haute Handbags Spring 2010

Got my new Haute Handbags in the mail. And there I am.
Or the Crystelle Handbags Designs anyway.....:-)!!!!

Page 110-111 Haute Handbags Spring 2010

On page 110-113!

Page 112-113 Haute Handbags Spring 2010

It's so FUN!!!

I feel so honored that they selected two of my bag sewing patterns to feature! And the pictures of the finished bags too, of course.

Happy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shop for Fun Handbag Patterns

We are doing our best to create some of the best and most affordable patterns available for quick and easy download. Our unique style has landed us in numerous magazines and has kept me very busy sewing. I am excited to be able to bring you wonderful ladies these fun patterns. Please take a minute and browse through Crystelle Boutique Etsy site.
The Ronda Pattern is fun and practical. So comfortable to carry on your shoulder and with the nifty pockets on both sides you can have your cell-phone, keys, and lipstick within easy reach. And the ties above the pockets give the handbag some extra flair.

The Derde Backpack is just so fun and lively! You will carry it with pride as you just get-up-and-go.

The Melissa Handbag Pattern is my personal favorite. I love the spontaneous flair of handle and creative patches.

The Rachel Backpack
is our most popular design as it keeps you extremely organized with many pockets while at the same time being very attractive!

All of these sewing patterns are available right here.
We are constantly thinking of new elegant and creative pattern ideas that inspire you to sew. We have received requests for everything from crochet baby hat and blanket patterns to scarf knitting patterns. I definitely listen to everyone that contacts me and it really gets my creativity rolling. To browse or purchase any of our unique patterns click here. This link takes you directly to our Etsy page where we sell our easy to follow affordable full color instant download digital sewing patterns.
Happy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle

Friday, May 7, 2010

Totally Reduced and Reused Melissa Handbag {made from a recycled vinyl sign....}

Re-purposed Banner used as the fabric with the Melissa Handbag Pattern.
Just a FUNKY Fun and Functional look!
I am currently using this bag, and LOVE it!

The pattern is so user-friendly, which makes me very happy!

It is large, easy to carry around and has lots of space to put my things without being bulky or in the way!

The vinyl is incredibly durable, and so easy to keep clean {just wipe it of...!!!}

Not to mention what a fabulous GREEN statement you make by using it!

  • To view additional pictures of this fantastic red and white purse made from a recycled vinyl sign, please visit www.CrystelleBoutique, at this post.
  • Another post about a fun vinyl banner handbag {this time in black and white} is also fun. Please view it right here.
  • Simple instruction on how to sew your own vinyl banner and turn it into a fun sewing project such as a bag or purse are available right here.

Happy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Melissa Handbag

This is what the original Melissa Handbag looks like.

This fun patchy handbag is a free download on my blog:

Follow this link for the Melissa Sewing Pattern

I love this bag......
Happy Sewing!
:-) Crystelle